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About me

I've been passionate about video my whole life. Capturing moments, emotions and stories is what I love to do. I created my first 'short film' when I was 8 with a toy camera I got from my parents, and didn't want to do anything else after that.

I studied media & entertainment business on Thomas More. During my studies i started my own small video production company. This gave me the oppertunity to grow and learn the craft of filmmaking.

I've been freelancing fulltime since i graduated back in 2021, working with brands all over Europe.


My gear list

I'll always aim to make the image as good as it can be. These are some of the tools I use to create content every day. I'm a proud RED Digital Cinema owner.


Eyes on the sky! In 2021 I became a

Licenced drone pilot A1 & A3

What I do



Lets focus on the story

Being a DP, I always focus on the story and the emotion being portayed. Shaping light to set the mood, picking the right lenses to tell the story. Documentary, music videos and short films are my passion.


Video sells

Nothing works better these days then short form, snackable content on social media. Normal is boring, so going crazy is what i like to do. Looking for a way to sell your product? Let's get in touch!


One big happy family

Corporate video should be engaging, fun and refreshing. Aiming to unite the employees and partners. Want to share a story with your stakeholders, clients or partners? Corporate video is the way to go!

Get a feel

Some behind the scenes pictures.

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