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My short films

I'm passionate about telling stories, only one of the reasons i love making short films.

Good Enough? (2022)

'Good Enough?' is about the insecure Hazel, a 22 yo student in LA. After she steals the pictures of her best friend and roommate Olivia to create a catfish dating profile, the really insecure Hazel meets the man of her dreams. Her happiness is only temporary, because in order to achieve her goal she needs to face her biggest fear, herself...

Good Enough is a film about accepting and loving yourself the way you are. Nobody should stand between you and your happines. This story lays close to who I am as a person, since i tapped into some personal experience when writing the script. This film was shot in LA, California.

Written, shot, directed and edited by me.

Sessions 2022 Official Selection (B).png

Over haar (2020)

I was 14 years old when i lost my hair to Alopecia, an auto-imune disease. Though I'm happy in life now, i've seen some darker times. Concouring this illness was a fight, and this film is my story. 

I started writing this film in 2019. It took a lot of time, rewrites and stress to come up with a script. I've never poured so much of myself into a project, I hope you enjoy!

Written, shot, directed and edited by me.

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